Cybersonica is London’s annual festival of electronic music, sonic art and audiovisual fusion.

Now in its sixth year, the festival is a leading international event for anyone interested in the theory and practice of how new technologies are shaping and changing the way musicians, DJs, VJs, digital artists, audiovisualisers and creative software developers make and present their work. The festival brings together a vibrant community of sonic and audiovisual innovation, nurtures new talent and showcases the freshest and latest work in the field.

Cybersonica 07 will bring challenging new work to an international audience - gathered through invitation, commission and an open call for works. The festival aims to showcase both live audiovisual performance and sonic art works that contain the most exciting contemporary approaches to creative interactivity - moving beyond the screen, keyboard and mouse and responding to physical input, proximity, sound, kinetics, elapsed time and the surrounding environment.

Why do we make this festival happen?

Cybersonica has always sought to encourage fresh, new talent and support established sonic creators, innovators and developers.

To stay fresh and experimental, the festival regularly reinvents itself - shifting focus, reprioritising established programming strands and extending its range of activities. The festival is never themed – although key issues and developments do emerge each year through the researching and collating of current work in the field.

That said, a distinct approach and shift for Cybersonica 07 is our decision to highlight and refocus on the live performance and exhibition of work – moving away from the more discursive, presentational and demonstrative focus of the past three years. We want to get back to what excited us in the first place – engaging showcases of playful, interactive sonic artworks and innovative, energetic and enjoyable live shows aimed at new audiences in unique venues – such as Tate Britain, Millbank; The Junction, Cambridge; and Kinetica Museum, Spitalfields.

But more than this, we’re aiming to showcase artists who seem to have developed a special relationship with their technology that allows them to rise above the techo-fetishism of many exponents in the field to produce work that has depth, meaning, humour and emotion – technology based artworks with soul.

As the review for the Cybersonica 06 sonic art exhibition on Digital Planet, BBC World Service so aptly exclaims, “This is what people should be doing with technology!”

Cybersonica is run by Cybersalon founding artists-in-residence at The Science Museum's Dana Centre.