Sunday, 28th October, 8pm-3am
333 Club, 333 Old Street, London EC1V 9LE
Cost & Booking: £6/4 before 11pm
(for live acts) Free after 11pm - email <> to reserve tickets and for payment details - tickets can be bought on the door.
Nearest tube: Old Street

Three floors of music, art, fun and games on eight screens, multiple sound systems and numerous projectors.... part of the London Games Festival Fringe featuring...

Slipped Disco level: 10pm-3am
Ben Osborne vs Overlap
Vector Lovers

GAMES:AV Live level: 8-12pm
Future Shorts
gwEm vs Counter Reset
Jellica (Kittenrock)
The Lost Levels
The Sancho Plan
ZX Spectrum Orchestra

Playzone Level: 8-12pm

Cybersonica, Noise Of Art and Slipped Disco host GAMES:AV - a live concert, screening and club night featuring musicians, DJs, VJs, audiovisualisers, 8-bit operators, film-makers, animators and digital artists whose work has been shaped by Video Games culture... plus a basement gallery of wall-sized interactive games...

There's an entire generation of established artists and up-and-coming talent who have been inspired by and influenced by video games; a wealth of grass root musicians and music makers “who are dedicated to the appreciation and reinterpretation of video game music“ (VGM) - through numerous online communities; a vibrant scene of 8-bit music makers or ‘chip tuners’ who use the same sound chips as the original games consoles; various digital artist groups whose work explores alternative gaming experiences and the boundaries between gaming and art; and short film-makers and animators from around the world that draw from and are inspired by video game culture.

We want to help the London Games Festival Fringe realise its aim to “explore VG culture in its many manifestations and its relations with other art and media forms“ by tapping into and presenting highlights from this rich and diverse seam of creative work.

The line-up will see live performances and DJ/VJ sets from: Ben Osborne v Overlap, The Lost Levels, The Sancho Plan, Vector Lovers and the ZX Spectrum Orchestra and from 8-bit music makers and labels gwEm vs Counter Reset and Jellica (Kittenrock); multi-player gaming experiences from Handheld and interactive works from digital artist groups such as Boredbrand, igloo and Fijuu and Nipplecat; as well as a Future Shorts specifically curated programme of innovative short films and animations from around the world.

is part of the London Games Festival Fringe - a celebration of games and interactive entertainment taking place during late October 2007.

and is made possible with support from:
The National Lottery through the Arts Council England

the London Development Agency

and the independent digital arts agency, Cybersalon

soundwaves closing party

SOUNDWAVES: Sonic Art Exhibition

Kinetica Museum, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6AA
Thursday, 17th May - Friday, 29th June 2007

Friday, 29th June, 6-11pm
Cost & Booking: £5/£4 conc. Tickets can be reserved in advance via the Kinetica Museum website or by telephone - 020 7392 9674.
Nearest tubes: Liverpool Street/Aldgate East

To celebrate the success of Soundwaves (a major exhibition of artworks that explore, warp and manipulate sound), the exhibition curators, Kinetica and Cybersonica, have invited fellow arty electro party animals, Noise of Art, to add a load of visually motivated dancefloor music to their pioneering exhibition's closing party.

Expect two floors of interactive exhibits, live music, visuals, DJ/VJ workouts, a beer terrace and the last chance to smoke in Old Spittlefields Market! - details below...

Level One: Live acts
George Demure - the velvet voice of London's electro scene
Anarchistwood - feisty new punk cabaret band
ZX Spectrum Orchestra - experimental pop/electronica using no more than Sinclair hardware and peripheral devices
Devil Fish - north/south London duo peddling acidic electro-breaks

Level Two: DJ vs VJs
6:30 - 7:30 Screenings of audiovisual works including Barbican Centre
commissions by
Tal Rosner - 'Stravinsky Concerto for Two Pianos' & 'Doppelganger'
Sophie Clements - 'Bicycle Samba'

7:30 until close
Ben Osborne (Noise Of Art)
Bruce Aisher (Suicide Sports Club) and
Elliot Adams (CD Baby)
DJ all night to an eclectic electronic rocknravin mash up of visuals courtesy of
Funk Cutter and

soundwaves closing party

BAKTERIA.ORG: Arcangel Constantini
Presented by

Versions for mobile phone and PDA of Arcangel Constantini's online interactive animation project, Bakteria are now available to browse and download:


IN.FeKZioNEz>MobILEzzz>>__ ProTo/CeluLaresssssssss

comi>Sio/NEd By for Cbersonica 07 festival

VisUA/LZ-oNik Key_Board In>ter:Ak_ti>ve

as ex>iZ/ten-ce Flo.WZ, It Run>Z _in_ Th.E Bi/Po}lar Move>Men/T>een Ti/mE and ZpaZe >

the in/teR/Kon>eK:Tions |to| Th/e Pri>mary> Win>Din>g ((and)) Thei/r Di.VeRZ_ifi_Ka:ti=on

Gi>ve Matt>er to Th>e ireal>ity /// FRo>M,NothING >WAs CRE>At"Ed/ EVEry>Th+iN"G . An}D No_thING WaZ> KrE.A,TE'D By EVEry>Th+iN"G QuA.NTIK> HOLo"ToPIK __HiPErdIM>Zio}NAL Mul>tiVE+=ses Zer>O to One EqUL Three .....

MaTTEr> iZ/not_kREA-Ted> (0) or Dez>Tro>Yed, (1) iTZ,TRAnZ>FOR/mEd (3)

Evey,Li/vinG EntiTy Bor>N. (0) Die>Ed (1)./ A& is Re_Pro/du>ce"D (3)

VAp/oU/R (1) LIqUI>D-(0) IC/E (3)

E=M/T 1+-0=3
IN.FeKZioNEz>MobILEzzz>>__ ProTo/CeluLaresssssssss

Be/KAre.fullll. with ,, thizzz si.lly be.lly en.titie>ZZZZ

en(+) ...... CHE_n_CHA ...... GAz_NA/piDA ....

.Ku_Chi-Fa_Shi.....parTY>ci/PiOo.. &&&& . sal>Mon.:::

SounD INDuzEd> by < MAr>Y<o d.B_GA < JRZ> LA.LO.ME/LEn/DEz>////

Ar:e Rea_dy to ha-Bi/tate and prop>a)) gate >Tr>ou/gh air///>>>>

soundwaves closing party

SOUNDWAVES: Sonic Art Exhibition

Kinetica Museum, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6AA
Thursday, 17th May - Friday, 29th June 2007

Alongside the exhibition will be an extensive programme of talks and presentations, practical workshops and special performances that delve further into the exploration of sound and aural experiences. The full programme is available on the Kinetica Museum website.

Friday, 18th May, 6-11pm
Cost & Booking: £5/£4 conc. Tickets can be reserved in advance via the Kinetica Museum website or by telephone - 020 7392 9674.
Nearest tubes: Liverpool Street/Aldgate East

Soundwaves, launches on Friday, 18th May and to celebrate we're planning an evening of presentations and demonstrations by Soundwaves artists and live performances, DJ and VJ sets by special guests, including:

Shelley Parker (DJ set)
London-based DJ and co-promoter of the art-inspired electro night NERD, Shelley adeptly flicks between genres yet maintains a brooding dark minimal edge underlying the mix.
Dynamite Fishing (VJ set)
An audiovisual collaboration between Olly Venning (aka Pixel Juice), and Edd Dawson-Taylor (aka Uncle Bunkle) DF produce a fresh mix of re-contextualised public domain footage, graphic design, and their own 3D animations.
The Sancho Plan (Live)
A 'rock 'n roll' band for the 21st century - The Sancho Plan fuse together animation, music and sound, gaming, technology and live performance to produce unique live AV experiences.
Jaxson Payne (Live)
Also known as derehctub, Jaxson plays his unique, live, energetic performances up close and intimately to the audience - demonstrating intricacy rarely found outside of a computer.
CDR (DJ Set)
CDR is a platform for the airing of new ideas, works in progress, unreleased songs, remixes, and edits releasing new music from the confines of music manifested within laptops, bedroom studios, sampling sequencers and digital multi-tracks.

SOUNDWAVES: Sonic Art Exhibition

Kinetica Museum, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6AA
Thursday, 17th May - Friday, 29th June 2007

In collaboration with Cybersonica, Kinetica's next major exhibition will focus on artworks that explore, warp, collect and manipulate sound. This 6 week show will present the work of more than 15 prominent and pioneering U.K and European artists and feature 4 new commisssions supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council England.


Soundwaves artists/works include:

Mechanologie - an orchestra of household objects by Pierre Bastien; Percussion 2001 - interactive sound and shadow circuit bending sculptures by Peter Vogel; Phantom Drawings of a Procession of Ghosts - kinetic electro-accoustic sculptures by Max Eastley; Rob Mullender's photophonic sound synthesizer - Continuous profile of Yvgeny Murzin; Martin Riches assorted robotic and kinetic sound machines; and Dianne Harris's coin-operated, 2m tall Theramin.

Soundwaves commissioned artists/works include:

kII 2.1 - a phonetic voice theremin by Michael Markett; Specious Dialogue - moveable receiving and transmitting sculptural forms by Julie Freeman; tapTap - a percussive knock-box installation by Andy Huntington; and versions for mobile phone and PDA of Arcangel Constantini's online interactive animation project, Bakteria.

Soundwaves artists/works selected from the Cybersonica 07 Call for Existing Works include:

Andrew Fentem of Spaceman Technologies and his Tactile Interactice Sequencer which behaves as a musical score that is written by touch; Martin Hesselmeier & Karin Lingnau's SARoskop - an interactive sculpture that visualises electromagnetic waves; Gavin Morris of Gigital Funfair and his AV Arcade Table - a cocktail arcade cabinet that has been converted to control AV Performance software; Michael Markert's Kontaktstation - an installation that translates the intensity of skin contact to create harmonized, rhythmic music through touch; and Lu Clarke & Jaye Ho's Collaboration 1 - twenty-two speakers filled with dust that explore the transformation of movement to sound, and sound to movement.


SOUNDWAVES: Sonic Art Exhibition

Kinetica Museum, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6AA
Thursday, 17th May - Friday, 29th June 2007


As part of Cybersonica 07, we will be collaborating with Kinetica Museum and to create SOUNDWAVES - a six-week exhibition of contemporary sonic art showcasing a collection of works that explore the convergence of sound, art and technology.

We are now accepting submissions of existing sonic art works from artists wishing to exhibit and present at this year’s festival.

We are looking for works that explore new forms of interactivity - moving away from the keyboard, mouse and screen and into the physical realm - responding to physical input, proximity, sound, kinetics, elapsed time and/or the surrounding environment. These works may be interactive installations, new electronic musical devices, physical audiovisualisers, tangible musical interfaces, modified game engines (for example).

We are particularly keen to feature work that engages the audience in rich and meaningful ways – that is characterised by its artful creativity and degree to which it emotional connects with the viewer – and which is playful, appealing and accessible to all.

Deadline: Friday, 13th April 2007

Notification: Friday, 20th April 2007

Details, entry forms and terms: Download HERE (Word document)

Cybersonica: Late at Tate Britain

Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1P 4RG
Friday, 6th April 2007, 6-10pm

Cybersonica, London's annual multimedia festival, kicks-off with a launch party in conjunction with the ‘Late At Tate Britain’ programme – a monthly event that attracts up to 5,000 people. The evening showcases progressive electronic music, sonic art and audiovisual performance. Collaborators include The Illustrious Company’s 3D audioscape facility presented by Martyn Ware, founding member of Heaven 17 and The Human League, Encompass, Kinetica Museum, Future Shorts/Future Cinema, body>data>space, the publishers Laurence King and others.

The core spirit of Cybersonica 07 is to present artists who have developed a special relationship with technology, rising above the techno-fetishism displayed by many of their contemporaries. This year’s artists have been selected because thy produce work that has depth, meaning, humour and emotion – technology based art with soul.


Future Of Sound

The Octagon at Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS
Thursday, 12th April, 7-9.30pm



Scanner, Anna Hill, Luciana Haill, Tal Rosner, Troika,
Jason Bruges, The Sancho Plan

Conceived and presented by Martyn Ware of the Illustrious Company, Future of Sound provides a forum for the discussion of new and convergent art forms. By creating immersive experiences using state-of-the-art sound technology Future of Sound showcases leading practitioners in the fields of music and audio design.

Cybersonica have been residents on the Future of Sound tour - festival artists regularly presenting as part of the events and a selection of interactive sonic artworks commissioned for the 2006 Cybersonica festival on view venues permitting.



Cybersonica 3D Sampler

in association with Boomslang

Thursday, 26th April 2007, 8.30pm-2am
The Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge, CB1 7GX

part of Enter_Unknown Territories
International Festival & Conference for New Technology Art
25-29 April 2007 (Cambridge)

An exclusive Cybersonica 3D Sampler presenting a unique 3D-audio showcase of progressive electronic music and audiovisual performance as well as screenings of music based short films and a selection of engaging interactive, sonic art works.