This year's festival centres around 4 key events:

Cybersonica Late at Tate Britain: 6/04/07 JUMP TO IT

Cybersonica 3D Sampler at Enter_Unknown Territories:
26/04/2007 JUMP TO IT

SOUNDWAVES Sonic Art Exhibition at Kinetica Museum:
17/05/07 for 6 weeks JUMP TO IT

Future Of Sound residency:
7 dates between 6/12/06 and 12/04/07 JUMP TO IT

Currently confirmed details are listed below although we're still selecting artworks through our open Call for Existing Work and Arts Council England supported Commissioning Programme.

Throughout the exhibition at Kinetica Museum there will be talks, performances and workshops - details to be announced. Keep checking the site or sign up to our mailing list to keep up-to-date.

Cybersonica Late at Tate Britain

Friday, 6th April 2007, 6-10pm
FREE, Hogarth exhibition half price
Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1P 4RG

London's annual multimedia festival showcases an evening of progressive electronic music, audiovisual performance and accesible sonic art...

The Illustrious Company and their immersive, 3D audioscapes alongside the body>data>space sumptuous body centric VJ Balloon

An Encompass sponsored soundclash between the mighty Trojan Sound System and Haywire DJ Shelly Parker with visuals from AV duo Dynamite Fishing

Distinctive live audiovisual performances from Brian Duffy's Modified Toy Orchestra and The Sancho Plan

A Future Shorts/Future Cinema programme of inventive short films - some rescored by live musicians, Little Boat & Perico

DVD screening from the newly released book 'VJ: audio-visual art and vj culture', edited by D-Fuse and published by Laurence King with live VJ set from Sophie Clements.

Sound installations from Kinetica Museum featured artist, Ray Lee

Engaging, playful, interactive, sonic artworks from Cybersonica featured artists/agencies Fijuu, Inition, Someth;ng, squidsoup and Stanza

In Detail:

North Duveens - Encompass Soundclash
In 2005 Encompass launched what many knew was much needed and long overdue in the capital – a London festival that navigates cutting edge music. For Cybersonica Late at Tate Britain Encompass & Cybersonica present...

6-7.50pm - Trojan Sound System
Since its creation in 1968, Trojan Records has led the way in presenting the very best in classic Jamaican sounds and the Trojan Records Sound System represents the label in England and throughout the world.
7.50-8.0pm - Not In Our Name - DubYaWar
Mixed using live VJ techniques to a dubbed-out soundtrack using ambient sound from the marches, this hard-hitting documentary of the 'Don't attack Iraq' protests in London includes footage from six London protests, before during and after the war in Iraq 03 and Prelinger Archive cold war propaganda, remixed to give a different meaning 50 years on.

8-9.30pm - Shelley Parker
Co-promoter of the art-inspired electro night 'NERD', London-based DJ, Shelly Parker, adeptly flicks between genres yet maintains a brooding dark minimal edge underlying the mix.
6-9.30pm - Dynamite Fishing
An audiovisual collaboration between Olly Venning (aka Pixel Juice), and Edd Dawson-Taylor (aka Uncle Bunkle) DF produce a fresh mix of re-contextualised public domain footage, graphic design, and their own 3D animations.

6-9.30pm - Cybersonica and Kinetica Museum Sonic Artworks
From recent and past exhibitions, featuring the work of:

Ray Lee - Metal Detectors & Small Circle of Ether
... a pair of animated metal detectors subvert their intended use by using a clearly visible source of metal as the sound generating material ...
... two small metal washers perform a circular dance on the top of an aluminium plate, spinning and twisting round,propelled by an invisible force...
Someth;ng - Headspin
... put your head into this specially modified washing machine and set it spinning for some unexpected aural and visual results...
Inition - Autostereoscopic Touch 3D Display
... real-time interaction with 3D models via the touch screen...
Stanza - Touchscreen Works
... a suite of participatory and aesthetic artworks from Stanza’s touchscreen editions...selection of musicians...

Room 9 - Future Shorts/Future Cinema meet Cybersonica
Future Cinema and Future Shorts present a programme of award-winning experimental short films and animation from around the world, with Little Boat & Perico’s music scored completely live and semi-improvised.

Future Cinema <> produces unique and cutting edge events that shake up the traditional cinema experience by fusing film with music, theatre and performance. These wondrously atmospheric and highly interactive cinematic experiences are famed for taking audiences on a multi-sensory ride and have become ‘Don’t miss’ events all across the UK, gathering critical and public acclaim.

Future Shorts <> is a widely spread international short film network, favoured by renowned film-makers Pawel Pawlikowski and Mike Leigh, which curates high-quality short films. Future Shorts is the largest exhibitor and programmer of short films in the world and has a presence in most major cities around the world including Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and Moscow.

6-7pm - Future Shorts/Future Cinema with Little Boat and Perico
The "re-scores" are created by musicians Little Boat & Perico, who will employ an array of instruments including viola, guitars and a rhythm-machine made from a bird-box in layers of semi-improvised samples. The sound created is evocative, experimental and antique. <> <> <>
7-7.30pm - Cybersonica - The Sancho Plan
The Sancho Plan are a ‘rock ‘n roll’ band for the 21st century – fusing together animation, music and sound, gaming, technology and live performance to produce unique live AV experiences.
7.30-8pm - Future Shorts/Future Cinema with Little Boat and Perico
8.30-9pm - Cybersonica - Modified Toy Orchestra
MTO are a collection of abandoned and reconstructed children’s electronic toys, played as instruments by a selection of musicians.
“Effortlessly enjoyable. Birmingham’s Modified Toy Orchestra is something of a local legend, producing strangely beautiful electronica from discarded playthings. Brian Duffy walks a fine line between genius and madman. Like a nine volt Frankenstein. Just amazing.”
Zero Tolerance
9-9.30pm -Future Shorts Screening


Rotunda – The Illustrious Company and body>data>space
Martyn Ware
was a founding member of both The Human League and Heaven 17. Vince Clarke is best known for his work as a member of Erasure, Yazoo and Depeche Mode. The Illustrious Company, founded in 2001, is their exciting joint venture in which they use the latest innovatory sound imaging techniques and technology to create 3-Dimensional aural soundscapes that completely envelop the listener, allowing for an immersive sound experience.  

The body>data>space VJ Balloonis an ideasphere of immersive visuals creating a sumptuous body centric vision where skin, touch, affection and love become a transcendent possibility. With a live mix of videos and stills from the ‘skintouchfeel’ content pool, the sphere will be suspended, beautiful, sensual and jewel like, a treasure high in the classical architecture.

6-9.30pm - a two hour compendium (looped) of Illustrious Company 3D compositions alongside live body>data>space visuals
Illustrious Company - Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (60mins)
Guillermo Galindo aka Galindog - Divox (25mins)
Illustrious Company - 3D Sound Demo (5mins)
Illustrious Company/Anna Hill/Larla O'Lionard/Jason Bruges - Auroral Synapse
Mario De Vega – Periferia
Scanner - A Natural Romance
Illustrious Company/The Human League - Empire State Human (The Building)


Manton Foyer - VJ: audio visual art and vj culture
A major change has taken place at dance clubs worldwide: the advent of the VJ. Once the term denoted the presenter who introduced music videos on MTV, but now it defines an artist who creates and mixes video, live-and-in-sync to music, whether at clubs, art galleries or festivals. This book is an in-depth look at the artists at the forefront of this amazing audio-visual experience.

6-7.30pm & 8.30-9.30pm -
VJ: audio-visual art + vj culture DVD
featuring documentaries, live performances and videos from listed artists in this recently released book, edited by D-Fuse and published by Laurence King.
“To my eyes, the best VJs are creating a new, fluid interface between sound and image – one that is genuinely mould-breaking and aesthetically invigorating, and one that deserves to be recognized as a 21st century art form…”
Mike Faulkner, D-Fuse
7.30-8.30pm - Sophie Clements VJ set
dissstudio provide music and visuals.


at the top of the Manton staircase
6–9.30pm - Speakolascope
The first interactive video guestbook - a simple installation that invites you to participate through a question projected on the wall. Leave your message or feedback using a 'push-to-talk' microphone, which triggers a video/audio recording which is immediately projected - the more users, the more clips to project.

South Duveens & Millbank Entrance – Cybersonica

6-9.30pm - Sonic Artworks
From recent and past exhibitions, featuring the work of:

Fijuu - Fijuu2
... a real-time 3D engine allowing players to dynamically manipulate three dimensional instruments with PlayStation2 game pads, improvising both graphically and sonically...
squidsoup - Freq 2
... users are able to use their whole body as an interface through which to create and control sound -
what you see is literally what you hear...
Someth;ng - Tape
... an electro-kinetic sound installation, uses simple analogue playback to allow users an arena in which to play with self-recorded sound and explore the effects of playback and sound synthesis...



Cybersonica 3D Sampler

in association with Boomslang

Thursday, 26th April 2007, 8.30pm-2am
£10/£8 advance

The Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge, CB1 7GX

part of Enter_Unknown Territories
International Festival & Conference for New Technology Art
25-29 April 2007 (Cambridge)

For Enter, Cybersonica programme an ambitious mix of progressive electronic music, innovative audiovisualisation, screenings of musical shorts and interactive sonic art - showcasing performance highlights from our current collaboration with the Future Of Sound initiated by Martyn Ware of The Illustrious Company and utilising their unique 3D audioscape facility.

The exclusive line up includes The Illustrious Company, Eclectic Method, Brian Duffy’s Modified Toy Orchestra, The Sancho Plan, ALT*CTRL, Future Shorts, Dynamite Fishing, Boomslang residents Vigi & Mr B and sonic artworks from Fijuu, Someth;ng, squidsoup, Stanza and Troika.



SOUNDWAVES: Sonic Art Exhibition
Cybersonica, Kinetica Museum and
Thursday, 17th May 2007 – Sunday, 30th June 2007, Wednesday – Sunday, 11am-6pm, closed Monday & Tuesday

Kinetica Museum, SP2 Pavillion, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6AA

Cybersonica with Kinetica Museum and present SOUNDWAVES - a six-week exhibition of contemporary sonic art.

The exhibition showcases a range of engaging sound based works that explore the convergence of sound, art and technology – that move beyond the ‘screen, keyboard, mouse’ to explore new and exciting approaches to creative interactivity - responding to physical input, proximity, sound, kinetics, elapsed time and the surrounding environment.

The exhibition showcases sound based art that engage audiences in rich and meaningful ways - characterised by their artfulness, creativity and degree to which they emotional connect – and which is playful, engaging and accessible to all.

Cybersonica’s contribution to SoundWaves is supported by the Arts Council England and the exhibition features four newly commissioned sonic artworks presented alongside pieces selected form our open Call for Existing Works.

Private View & Launch Party:
Thursday, 17th May 2007, 7-10pm

A series of artists talks, demonstrations and workshops accompanying the exhibition are anticipated but yet to be announced.

SOUNDWAVES gratefully acknowledges the contribution of guest curator Max Eastly.

SOUNDWAVES is presented in association with the Encompass Festival.

Residency on the Future Of Sound tour
6th December 2006 – 12th April 2007
Seven venues throughout the UK

Conceived and presented by Martyn Ware of the Illustrious Company, Future of Sound provides a forum for the discussion of new and convergent art forms. By creating immersive experiences using state-of-the-art sound technology Future of Sound showcases leading practitioners in the fields of music and audio design.

December 2006 saw the start of a nationwide tour by musicians and audio designers collaborating with artists and scientists, which will literally blow your mind...

Artistes at the cutting edge of sound production and manipulation showcased their innovations and discoveries. Participants include LSD evangelist Brian Barritt, 'telephone terrorist' Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner who recently composed a new national anthem for Europe, Brian Duffy whose work with the Modified Toy Orchestra creates new electronic instruments from abandoned children's toys and Paul Devereux, who discovered that Neolithic burial grounds resonate at the same frequency - a trance-inducing 111Hz chant.

Joining the Future of Sound programme are innovative audiovisual performances and sonic artworks from the Cybersonica festival - an annual meeting point for digital artists, musicians, software developers and those interested in audiovisual experimentation.

Artists including squidsoup, The Sancho Plan, Troika and Chris O'Shea present new work that explores exciting approaches to creative interactivity - moving beyond the 'screen, keyboard and mouse' and using adapted game controllers, electronic drum pads, video cameras and movement sensors to control sound and visuals and explore full immersion within the 3D sound system.

Also on view will be a selection of sonic artworks commissioned for the Cybersonica 06 festival supported by the Arts Council England - venues permitting:

squidsoup - Freq 2
Cybersonica - squidsoup
squidsoup - fREQ
Fijuu - Fijuu2
Cybersonica - Fijuu
Troika - Schitzoporotica
Cybersonica - Troika
Someth;ng - Tape
Cybersonica - Someth;ng